About Us

Riton Engineering, a division of Riton Products P/L, established 1978.

Managing Director John W Whitehurst
Company Secretary Lyn Whitehurst
General Manager John Clarke
Purchasing Officer Antony O'Dwyer
Engineering Estimator Allan Rorich
Ownership 100% Australian
Employees 28
R&D (Percent of Turnover) 2%

Primary Company Activities

Manufacturer of components to our own or customer design covering medium fabrication, sheet metal and stainless steel fabrication, general machining, metal forming, short and long run production, metal finishing, generic casting substitution in fabricated components, fabrication and wear resistant lining of large and small components, and the manufacture and assembly of ventilation systems.  Problem solving in the fields of abrasion and corrosion.

Fields of Experience

Power generation and distribution industry, mining, materials handling, nuclear energy components, construction, project engineering, defense components, non-lethal weapons, occupational health and safety components, and automatic hatch covers and ceramics.

Manufacturing Area

36,000 sq ft.

Manufacturing Capacity

Internal craneage 5 tonne - External craneage 7 tonne.

Heavy plate guillotining 12mm - profiling <150mm - machining <1500mm dia. - horizontal boring <1200 x 1800 x 1000 - projection welding <20 kVa - CD studs - bending <120 tonne <3500mm - sheet metal guillotining <3mm SS - power presses, notchers, spray painting, grit blasting, plastic spraying and arc metal spraying.

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